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100 x 100 Verdejo

D.O. Rueda

All but a statement of purpose.

D.O. Rueda

Our Vineyards

Passionate about the land, we are a family linked to the cultivation of vineyards for decades.


Our roots lie in Pozal de Gallinas (Valladolid), where we began our passion for viticulture more than 20 years ago.


Over time we have been expanding the cultivation area, now having 30 hectares of vineyards in the heart of the Rueda Denomination of Origin.


Combining tradition and innovation, we take great care of our vines to obtain the best Verdejo grapes with which we have been making our own wine since 2021:

Our Wine

is a 100% Verdejo wine from the Rueda Denomination of Origin, with a unique, youthful and somewhat irreverent personality.

With a limited production, it is ideal for consumption at any time and always in good company.


After collecting the best fruit from our vineyards, the grapes are taken to a winery in the town of Puras, where the essence of this fruit is extracted to transform it into a fresh, fruity, clear, and bright wine.


The result is a “still” wine, made by the natural alcoholic fermentation of the grape must, and which brings all the qualities of this variety together.


Despite its youth, Desacato’s quality has already been recognized with a Silver Medal at the Concours Mondial Bruxelles in 2022


is present in different catering establishments, supermarkets and shops in Andalusia, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Catalonia, Madrid and France.

You can also buy it in the Marketplace Tierra de Sabor.

We want to continue taking Desacato to new points of sale. If you are interested in our wine or want to collaborate with us in its distribution, please write to

About us

is produced by Grupo Pistacyl, a family company founded by the Pérez Heras siblings with a long agricultural tradition.


Initially our company was focused on working the vineyard, although over the years we have expanded the activity to the provision of agricultural services and the cultivation of pistachios.


Currently, we are the number one producer of this dried fruit in Castile and Leon, which we sell in its natural state through our company Pistacyl.

The activity of our group also includes the provision of agricultural viticulture, pistachio cultivation and forestry services, which we provide through Ágricola Pistacyl.


Our hallmarks are tradition, innovation and sustainability.